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Worldwide Endangered Species Organization (wweso) is nonprofit organization founded in 2012 by the well known artist selmane-khalid-faris ,the organization is dedicated to the preservation of endangered species. Our goal is to ensure all endangered species survive and to bring them back from the brink of extinction and To inspire positive action in the defence and protection of their habitats and threatened communities through raising awareness, globally; to encourage concerned, enthusiastic individuals,groups ,agencies and various organizations to share our passion, so that we pass on a better world to future generations.
Protecting endangered animals has become more important to more people all over the world because an animal is in eminent danger of extinction in their native area or country. Since the reintroduction and protection of endangered species can be best accomplished through enthusiastic individuals,groups ,agencies and various organizations efforts.wweso work hard at raising awareness to the issue of endangered species all over the world and to our environment. We also work with enthusiastic individuals,groups ,agencies and various organizations around the world seeking to provide to more than 1,000 species currently listed as Endangered or on the Threatened list with the resources needed to ensure they survive and to bring them back from the brink of extinction.
We believe that population stabilization efforts must begin early, before population levels for an endangered animal drop far below their critical threshold number..Education of the local and global population as to the importance and singularity of these endangered species.Protect the animal's habitat. In order for an endangered species to survive, it must have some place to live. Educate the public. One of the best ways to help save an endangered species is to endear it to the public. Educate people of all ages on why the endangered animal is important not only to the ecosystem, but to the people themselves.

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